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East Star Resources is focused on unlocking Kazakhstan’s copper potential

Applying modern geophysics, low detection limit assays, new geological models and other more recent analytical tools to make discoveries in rich but under explored mineral belts




Convergence of Ideal Conditions

01 / Promoting Exploration
02 / Mineral Rich
03 / Secure

Kazakhstan is a gateway between Europe and Asia, providing excellent routes to markets for the metals we intend to extract in the future. The country has a rich history of mining and
well-established infrastructure, such as roads, railways, and smelters. It has among the lowest energy costs globally, low labour costs, and good access to technical expertise. However, very little exploration has taken place since the 1980s.


This is all changing, and Kazakhstan is open for business - with a new mining code based on Western Australia’s ‘first come, first serve’ principle, large areas available to peg - next to large mines - tax and legal certainty from the Astana International Finance Centre, high quality regional data and mapping available from historical exploration and very low utilisation of modern geophysics, opening up massive potential for discoveries under cover.


Several majors are active in-country, including Rio Tinto, Glencore, and Australia’s Fortescue, with more recent entrants including Barrick and First Quantum, all looking for Tier-1 copper deposits.  


The “Middle Corridor” critical transport route connects China and Europe through Kazakhstan and the EU and UK have MOUs with Kazakhstan for supply of critical minerals.

EST - Kazakhstan map_December 2023.jpg

Right Time

Excellent framework; majors entering country

Right Place

Mineral rich regions, drastically underexplored

Right People

Funding success, discovery history, on-the-ground experience


East Star Resources is focused on the discovery and development of copper as well as other base and precious metals in Kazakhstan.


We are experienced explorers in Kazakhstan with a proven track record of finding mineral deposits by undertaking efficient and effective exploration.


Our three-pronged copper exploration strategy of VMS, porphyry and sediment hosted copper leans into distinct qualities of the team and regions within which we operate.


Our VMS portfolio is in an infrastructure rich region with rapidly depleting reserves allowing discoveries to progress towards production quickly and cheaply.


For porphyry exploration, initially funded by the BHP Xplor programme, we are providing investors non-dilutive access to Tier-1 copper deposit potential.


For sediment hosted copper, we are providing very low-cost access to Tier 1 copper prospects in the largest sediment-hosted copper system globally.

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