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We have first mover advantage to secure highly prospective tenements.

East Star Resources is exploring for gold, copper and rare earths in Kazakhstan.




Convergence of Ideal Conditions


Kazakhstan is a gateway between Europe and Asia, providing excellent routes to markets for the metals we intend to extract in the future. The country has a rich history of mining and well - established infrastructure, such as roads, railways, and smelters. It has among the lowest energy costs globally, low labour costs, and good access to technical expertise. However, very little exploration has taken place since the 1980s.  


This is all changing, and Kazakhstan is open for business - with a new mining code based on Western Australia’s ‘first come, first serve’ principle, large areas available to peg - next to large mines - tax and legal certainty from the Astana International Finance Centre, high quality regional data and mapping available from historical exploration and very low utilisation of modern geophysics, opening up massive potential for discoveries under cover.


Several majors are active in-country, including Rio Tinto, Glencore, and Australia’s Fortescue.


The opportunity in Kazakhstan today is like having all of Western Australia available to peg but in the 1970s. East Star Resources believes this represents a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Right Time

New mineral law established

Right Place

Mineral rich regions, drastically underexplored

Right People

Funding success, discovery history, deal and execution experience


East Star Resources is focused on the discovery and development of gold, copper and base metals in Kazakhstan. We are experienced explorers, with first mover advantage to secure highly prospective tenements in a country which is newly reopened for business. Our management are based permanently on the ground, supported by local expertise, and a joint venture with the state mining company.


We are undertaking an intensive exploration programme across nine licences covering 1,321.5 km² in three mineral rich districts, applying modern geophysics to discover gold, copper, rare earths and base metals in significantly under-explored areas.


We believe all our projects have large mineral potential without large mine requirements, and Kazakhstan’s existing infrastructure and operating costs mean a low economic threshold for development.


Our strategy is targeting 1+ million ounces of gold (equivalent) per licence and we intend to expand our licence portfolio beyond the current nine.

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